Loan Types

Borrowing Opportunities for Opportunistic Businesses


Real Estate

Developers and investors use our loan products to acquire, refinance, improve, and stabilize investment real estate.

Main Line provides acquisition financing, improvement loans, and developer bridge financing—across real estate asset classes, including multi-family, office, industrial, and retail properties.

Clients can use these funds for acquisition, ground-up development, improvement, or adaptation—as well as refinancing, recapitalization, restructuring, and equity development. You can purchase, refinance, make improvements, make repairs, include upgrades—all components that increase overall value. We provide quick approval and flexible structures, helping you capitalize on current market trends and capture value quickly.


Software & Technology

Alternative loan structures for asset-light businesses to secure cash-flow and revenue-backed loans quickly.

Main Line supplies financing that lets businesses finance their growth and greatly enhance the value of their enterprise—all without sacrificing control or ownership of their organizations.
We provide alternative funding solutions that are less expensive than equity and can be used as non-dilutive growth capital. We offer financing that is based on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or cash flow. Business owners can obtain financing quickly—as opposed to traditional bank debt or venture capital. Our products are covenant light loans that can be obtained quickly and used for any business purpose.

Use your loan to hire developers, add additional sales personnel, or develop and market your product. You can even use debt to increase your MRR and raise your organization’s valuation in future equity rounds.



Looking to recapitalize your business? Use our funding to obtain loans to support a buyout, merger or acquisition.

Main Line provides funding that allows small and mid-size businesses to take their company to the next level through add-on acquisitions. We also provide funding to help individuals and equity groups looking to acquire new portfolio companies.

Secure Debt Financing