Investment Approach

Investment Strategy

Portfolio Niche

Closely-held, privately-owned next stage growth companies with a defined business model and defendable innovation.

Risk Control

Structure transactions to protect value in downside scenarios; ensure key assets have strategic or franchise value; and collaborate with company management to develop multiple exit strategies.

Consistent Returns

Manage a diverse portfolio of companies designed to yield a high “batting average” rather than just a few “home runs”.

Influence Outcomes

Participate at the Board level and an active operational role in the portfolio company (e.g., COO, CFO, VP Sales/Marketing).

Align Interests

Managing Partners invest 10-20% of their own capital in each transaction.

Liquidity Events

Exit investments only after achieving shared goals for growth/value.

Investment Criteria

Transaction Types

Active or passive strategic growth capital, buyouts, and recapitalizations.

Ownership Position

Minority or control.

Target Industries

Software and defendable technologies in: Engineering, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, or Real Estate.


Primarily Eastern U.S.; however, will evaluate opportunities in other regions.

Key Business Characteristics

Demonstrate scalable business model, stable customer base, market differentiators, prospect pipeline, and case studies to validate demand.

Key Management Attributes

Hands-on management team with “skin in the game”, command of their innovations, and desire to utilize strategic resources to grow.

Key Financial Metrics

Target company size: $500 thousand – $20 million in revenue ($100 thousand – $2 million EBITDA). Investment size: $500 thousand – $5 million.

Investment Process

Deal Sourcing

Partner personal networks
Professional services partnerships
Fund-to-fund relationships
Buy-side brokers
Portfolio company M&A targets

Business Review

Meet key management and employees
Industry assessment and benchmarking
Product growth analysis
Leverage network to qualify opportunity

Due Diligence

Historical and forecasted revenue analysis
Value creation analysis
Financial modeling
Structure and terms negotiations

Approve & Invest

Partner committee approval
Allocation of firm resources
Strategic plan finalized
Legal agreements executed
Capital calls

Value Addition

Capital raise partner
Embedded C-level services
Partnership Services
Prepare company for M&A

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