Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

Reprocessed Cardboard Box Distributors

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Investment Date: December 2018

Tension Measurement Instrumentation

Location: Longmont, CO

Investment Date: March 2016

Webhook Proxy & Provider Platform

Location: Birmingham, AL

Investment Date: January 2016

E-Learning Tools for Educational Institutions

Location: Birmingham, AL

Investment Date: May 2016

Portable X-ray Spectrographic Instrumentation

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Investment Date: April 2015

Strategic HR Partner & Consulting Firm

Location: Wayne, PA

Investment Date: March 2015

Treatment of Precursors to Esophageal Cancer

Location: Redwood City, CA

Investment Date: October 2014

Data-Driven Customer Marketing Platform

Location: Lansdale, PA

Investment Date: April 2013

Medical Devices for Treating Vascular Disease

Location: Morrisville, NC

Investment Date: September 2013

Media CRM & Sales Analytics Platform

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Investment Date: July 2013

Clinical & Financial Management Software

Location: Conshohocken, PA

Investment Date: February 2014

Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Leasing

Location: Narberth, PA

Investment Date: October 2010

Product Design Software for Manufacturing Industries

Location: Blacksburg, VA

Investment Date: August 2006

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