Main Line Equity Partners Leads Investment in for SmarterServices

Jan 27, 2016 | Deals

Webhooks delivery and analytics platform strengthens SmarterServices’ eLearning applications for educational institutions

Main Line Equity Partners has completed a technology investment for portfolio company SmarterServices to utilize the analytic capabilities of within its data-driven eLearning applications for educational institutions—K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. provides a webhook delivery and analytics platform that easily publishes and consumes data in real-time across the Internet by using existing and standardized HTTP methods. It offers dependable delivery of data for systems that inherently lack built-in methods to ensure delivery.’s platform, advanced toolset, and analytic capability make it effortless for developers and end-users to ensure proper brokering and delivery of all webhook requests by providing users with a resilient platform requiring little modification to either system.

“Many of SmarterServices’ integrations require transmitting data between various autonomous systems in real-time via HTTP callbacks called webhooks, said Jason Fill, CTO of SmarterServices. “This investment will enable us to create resilient integrations between our internal systems as well as work with other eLearning solutions to ensure they implement resilient webhook implementations as well.”

“Adding dependability to webhook retrieval and delivery will improve SmarterServices’ eLearning strategies and applications,” said Jeff Worford, Co-Founder of “Using’s scripting ability to transform webhook payloads on the fly will enable SmarterServices to pipe data into other systems without setting up any additional infrastructure.”

“Because many of SmarterServices’ critical operations rely on this type of communication, we felt it was critical to invest in the premier webhooks platform on the market,” adds Chris Randazzo, Managing Partner at Main Line Equity Partners.

About SmarterServices
SmarterServices™ offers a suite of eLearning applications that empower nearly 600 educational institutions—K-12 schools, colleges, universities—to organize and analyze relevant data about students, teachers, employees, and curriculum. Our data-driven solutions include online student readiness assessments, standardized and custom course evaluations, exam proctoring management, and faculty recruiting. As a result, clients can more intelligently form strategic plans, maximize efficiency, and foster formative learning. Since 2002, over 3 million students have benefited from SmarterServices.