Main Line Equity Partners Invests in Converge HR Solutions

Mar 17, 2015 | Deals

The growth capital will enable converge to seize new market opportunities and increase profitability

Main Line Equity Partners has announced a new investment in Converge HR Solutions, a strategic Human Resources (HR) partner and consulting firm. The investment will help Converge fund key business operations needed to position the company for significant strategic growth. Alongside the investment, Main Line Equity Partners will provide leadership and operational resources needed to align Converge’s business for the future.

Possessing extensive HR expertise, the Converge team delivers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions to companies large and small across multiple market verticals. From full HR department outsourcing to high-level consulting, there is an opportunity for Converge to further penetrate the market verticals they do serve, as well as break into new markets.

Chris Randazzo, Founder and Managing Partner, Main Line Equity Partners commented, “We understand the profound value that Converge delivers their clients, which is why we are happy to be playing a pertinent role in both investing in their company as well as providing strategic guidance and operational resources that will enable them to attain substantial growth.”

“As HR professionals and trusted advisors, we take great pride in keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing environments of regulatory compliance and ways to optimize employee performance,” said Mark Izzo, Founder and Principal, Converge HR Solutions. “It’s that agility and thirst for knowledge coupled with the funding from Main Line Equity Partners that will be mission-critical in executing our next stage growth and vision for the future.”

Converge, founded in 2003, has established a credible reputation and is demonstrative of field-proven success. Headquartered in Wayne, PA, Converge also features two remote offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia, PA.

About Converge, Inc.
Converge advances the corporate well-being, performance, & profitability of their clients by leveraging a holistic approach to strategic human resources & human capital management. They recognize that the strength of an organization is directly related to the health & happiness of its employees. Therefore, Converge makes it their goal to put humanity back into Human Resources. For more visit